Sencha Tea 50g

Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea Upper Grade. Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea, 100% Bio, Natural and Pure. First Harvest Green Tea Leaves Cultivated in Japan.

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Sencha is a green leaf tea prepared as an infusion and very popular in Japan. Sencha is cultivated in the south of Japan, with the fast growing plantations exposed to direct sunlight throughout their life cycle. NaturaleBio’s Sencha comes from the very first crop harvest towards the end of April, making it the most prized tea.

100% Pure and Organic. Produced without pesticides and unnatural chemical fertilisers which can harm the body and our general health. Produced in Japan. Certified organic by supervisory boards authorised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

Sencha green tea comes as bright, intense green leaves that have a characteristic needle-like shape. Its infusion is transparent, with a golden yellow to intense green colouring and a particularly refreshing and harmonious flavour, ranging from slightly bitter to sweet.


Sencha Green Tea


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Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea

Sencha green tea comes as bright, intense green leaves that have a characteristic needle-like shape. Its infusion is transparent, with a golden yellow to intense green colouring and a particularly refreshing and harmonious flavour, ranging from slightly bitter to sweet.

Tè Verde Sencha in foglie



Useful information

What is Sencha?

Sencha is a green tea very popular in Japan. Cultivated in the south of Japan, it comes as bright, intense green leaves that have a characteristic needle-like shape.


Accounting for 80% of domestic tea production, Sencha is the most common tea in Japan, and also the most appreciated. Its infusion is transparent, with a golden yellow to intense green colouring.

The origin of Sencha

Sencha tea, unlike Matcha and Gyokuro, is cultivated fully exposed to the sun in long undulating rows. The low-forming tea bushes of a variety of Camellia sinensis, also called Yabukita, are cultivated in a harmonious and orderly manner.


Sencha is grown in Japan, particularly in Kirishima, in the south. Kirishima is the ideal place for organic tea cultivation, because it is often foggy, with extreme temperature differences. Such climatic conditions are particularly favourable for Japanese teas.

How is Sencha cultivated?

The time of harvest is very important, with generally three harvests taking place, the first often at the beginning of May, the second at the end of June, and the last at the beginning of August.


NaturaleBio’s Sencha tea comes from the very first harvest in late April, and is also called ‘Ichiban-cha’ or ‘Shincha tea’, meaning the freshest tea.

After harvesting, the leaves are steamed for a maximum of 2 minutes to immediately stop oxidation, and preserve all their beneficial properties. Later they are dried inside a machine that gives the leaves their typical needle-like appearance.

Taste & Texture

Our Sencha comes from organic farming. Sencha leaves have a beautiful bright and intense green colour and needle-like shape.


Sencha green tea has a very particular refreshing and harmonious flavour that ranges from slightly bitter to sweet. This is thanks to two of its essential components that come into play during the infusion: Theanine and Catechin.

How to consume Sencha?

Sencha tea is low in theine, tea’s form of caffeine, making it perfect for drinking frequently.


Sencha tea can be drunk as an infusion, or used in the kitchen as a spice to flavour dishes.


We at NaturaleBio sell and market Sencha Organic Green Tea Leaves

100% Organic

IOur green tea is Organic and 100% Pure. It is cultivated in Japan on exclusively organic plantations, and is certified by the Control Body of the Ministry of Agriculture.

We at NaturaleBio take extra special care in the selection of all our organic products.


Our Sencha comes from organic agriculture. Sencha is a green tea used and appreciated throughout the world for its innumerable qualities.


Controlled Operator Number: 13084 IT BIO 014


Sencha biologico


How to prepare Sencha green tea

4 grams

Leaf Quality and Quantity

The quality of the tea depends on its variety and harvest period. Its taste depends on the season and location where it is produced.


Shincha, or ‘fresh tea’, comes from the first harvest of the year, and is the most prized, just like NaturaleBio’s Sencha green tea.


About 4 grams, or a teaspoon, of tea should be used per person.


Preparazione del Tè Sencha



Water Temperature

The water should be around 70° to 80°, and not be too hot. The ideal would be wait 3 to 5 minutes after boiling the water.


The water temperature is a decisive factor in making a good tea infusion. Indeed, depending on the temperature, the tea can taste very different.

Catechins, which are responsible for astringency, dissolve poorly in water at temperatures below 70 degrees centigrade, and dissolve quickly at 80 degrees and higher.


Therefore, the hotter the water, the more bitter the tea. Using warm water, rather than hot water, will make the tea sweeter in taste.


Preparazione del Tè Sencha



Water Quantity

The quantity of water used is also important in order to obtain a drink with just the right concentration.


The right quantity per 4 grams of Sencha tea is 200 ml of water.


Preparazione del Tè Sencha


30 seconds

Infusion Time

The infusion time varying according to the type of tea.


For this type of tea, the infusion time should be about 30 seconds. Longer and the tea will begin to taste more bitter.


When preparing an infusion for several people, you should pour the tea little by little, alternating between cups in order to obtain a similar tasting infusion for everyone.


Preparazione del Tè Sencha


Data sheet

   50g 100g  200g
EAN 8057949201663 8057949201670 8057949201687
Peso netto 50g 100g 200g
Ingredients 100% Organic Sencha
Organic Organic product under EU Directive 834/2007 
Country of Origin Japan
Serving 4g
Manufacturer/Trademark NaturaleBio
Expiration Date Read the Expiry date on the Packaging. (generally two years from packaging)
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources even after opening. 



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