Welcome to the NaturaleBio world

Passion for Superfoods and Organic Products

The idea and the origins of the company

NaturaleBio burst into existence from our passion for superfood and organic products in 2016, when interest in natural nutrition was still in its infancy. The very first product we offered was coconut oil, which we are still really fond of!

What makes us different? We are direct importers, importing from various countries around the world and then processing and distributing without intermediaries.

Which means two things:

  • greater quality control, because we oversee and guarantee the entire supply chain;
  • lower costs, and therefore more accessible prices for our end-customers. That is for you.

We sell our products via our e-shop and network of selected resellers. We also sell wholesale, for food companies and other professionals in the food world.

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Selected international quality

Our product managers have travelled to many wonderful places, just to see for themselves the wonderful crops and the commitment of local producers and working conditions. We buy at a fair price because we believe it is essential for the development of these areas of the world.

Today, after a careful selection, based on extremely strict criteria, we import high quality raw materials from various continents, including Asia, Oceania and the Americas. A few examples? Our açai berries come from Brazil, our coconut oil from Sri Lanka, our psyllium, moringa and spirulina from India, our manuka honey from New Zealand, our matcha tea from Japan, and our maca and cacao from Peru.

Just a few years after the company’s foundation, we already offer an extremely wide range of different products in various weights and size formats, and we are constantly exploring possibilities to bring you even more of the world’s most innovative and beneficial natural superfoods and superfruits.

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The team and company philosophy

We are a young and motivated team, passionate about sports, natural food, cooking and recipes … We are the first consumers of our own products!

NaturaleBio was born as a digital, flexible company, and continues with this mindset to this day. In addition to our headquarters, with offices, processing facility and warehouses in Monterotondo, near Rome, we work with various partners scattered throughout Italy, from Piedmont in the north right down to Calabria in south.

If you contact our support, you’ll be in touch with Ezia, if you write to sales, you’ll be communicating with Paola, if you send a message on Instagram, Greta will reply, if our e-commerce works well, you can thank Gianluca, if you like our graphics and the photos we use, it’s thanks to Mario, if you inquire about a product’s technical data, Fiamma will get back to you with all you need, if you’re preparing a dessert with our coconut oil, know that it was Francesco and Alessandro who sourced it directly in its place of origin, and it was Valerio and Cecilia who imported it … We haven’t introduced all of us, but we are here for you, real people to turn to for any question you might have or any feedback you’d like to give.

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Quality Guarantee

Being so obsessed as we are with quality, we are committed to obtaining the very best certifications, to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

We are a Certified Organic and VEGANOK operator, and adhere to ISO 9001 and 14004 standards.

Not only that, we also carry out precise microbiological and multi-residual analyses on each lot, certified by Accredia Laboratories, in pre and post import phases.

Feel free to request certificates, honey analyses and much more: we are completely transparent and will be happy to provide you with every detail.

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