Peruvian Maca 200g

Organic Maca Powder Gelatinised. 100% Peruvian, Natural and Pure, from Organic Maca Root. Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly. Also available in Capsules.

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Maca, or Lepidium Meyenii by its botanical name, is from the Brassicaceae/Cruciferae plant family, has its origins in the Andes and is very similar to a turnip. The edible part of the plant is its root, it originates from the Andes Mountain Range of Peru and Bolivia, at an altitude ranging from 2,500 to 5,000 metres.

Maca has a Tonic-Adaptogenic action capable of inducing a state of greater non-specific resistance in a body which helps to counteract stress by increasing the body's ability to adapt to environmental factors. Maca represents a tonic that can counteract physical and mental fatigue.

Maca looks like a yellow powder. The gelatinisation process makes maca powder easier to digest thanks to the absence of starch, it is more concentrated allowing for easier absorption of nutrients, amplifies the nutrients and moreover it is more water-soluble and therefore easy to dissolve in water or drinks.

100% Pure and Organic. Produced without pesticides and unnatural chemical fertilisers which can harm the body and our general health. Cultivated in Peru. Certified organic by supervisory boards authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Recommended dosage: up to 6 capsules per day. 500mg of pure Maca Powder per dosage. 180 natural capsules.


Peruvian Maca 


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Maca Properties

Maca has a Tonic-Adaptogenic action capable of inducing a state of greater non-specific resistance in a body which helps to counteract stress by increasing the body's ability to adapt to environmental factors. Maca represents a tonic that can counteract physical and mental fatigue. 

Maca NaturaleBio



Useful information

What is Maca?

Maca is a plant very similar to the turnip that comes from a plant of the Brassicaceae family. Its botanical name is Lepidium meyenii and it originates in the Andes. Its roots are rich in important nutrients essential for the health of our body; for this reason Maca is considered a Superfood.

The Origin of Maca

The Maca plant is a small herbaceous plant that can be considered perennial because of the formation of its roots. It originates from the Cordillera of the Andes of Peru and Bolivia at an altitude between 2500 and 5000 m.


It grows on hostile soils and very poor and rocky soils where the weather conditions are adverse: strong winds and extreme temperature ranges with very low temperatures during the night and very intense sunlight during the day.

Maca Properties 

Maca is a source of calcium, which helps maintain normal energy metabolism and muscle function, calcium is also necessary for the maintenance of healthy bones. Maca is rich in iron which contributes to normal cognitive function and oxygen transport in the body. Iron helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Maca is a source of Riboflavin that helps protect cells from oxidative stress. In addition, Maca is low in fat and salt.

Taste & Texture

The best Maca comes from organic farming. Maca is a yellow powder, it has a sweetish, malty flavour and a very particular and pungent taste that oscillates between bitter and spicy, which can be masked by mixing it with other ingredients.

How to consume Maca

Organic Maca powder is considered the best way to include this precious food in your diet. Maca root powder can be dissolved in water, milk and smoothies or added to dough for cakes and biscuits.

Maca Recipes

Maca powder can be used in the following ways:

  • in yogurt or milk
  • as an ingredient in homemade desserts
  • in infusion and green tea
  • in smoothies or fruit extracts
  • in cereals or muesli
  • when making biscuits or bars
  • for salads or as a condiment
  • in broths and soups

What is the production process for gelatinised Maca?

This method of processing Maca has been introduced since the 1990s. The roots are dried in the sun and then are subject to the gelatinisation process, which makes Maca powder easier to digest as the starch is removed.

What are the benefits of taking gelatinised Maca powder?

  1. Gelatinised Maca is more digestible as it does not contain starch and is easier to digest for those with a sensitive stomach.
  2. The nutrients it contains are more concentrated and some are amplified, such as metabolites and minerals.
  3. Gelatinized Maca is more water-soluble and therefore easier to dissolve in water or in drinks and smoothies.

At NaturaleBio, we sell and market Gelatinised Maca in the form of organic powder.


What is the difference between Maca capsules and Maca powder?

Nothing at all.


The Maca powder has a sweetish, malty flavour and a very particular and pungent taste that oscillates between bitter and spicy.


The difference between the powder and the capsules is the additional step of filling cellulose capsules with the maca powder.


The only difference, therefore, is in the way they are taken and the dosage; the capsules are more convenient to take as a supplement, while the powder is more practical for use in the kitchen when preparing recipes.


Maca in Capsule NaturaleBio


100% Organic

Our Maca powder is 100% pure and organic. It is produced in Perú on organic plantations and is approved by the Supervisory Board of the Ministry of Agriculture.


At NaturaleBio, we carefully select all our organic products.


Our Maca comes from organic farming. This plant's treasures are undoubtedly contained mainly in its roots. They are harvested, dried and ground into a very fine powder that is yellow in colour. Considered a superfood, it is fast becoming a food used and appreciated all over the world for its health benefits. Organic Maca powder is one of the best way to include this precious source of sustenance in your diet.


Controlled Operator Number: 13084 EN BIO 014


Maca NaturaleBio


Data sheet

   Bag 200g Bag 400g Bag 1kg Capsules 500mg
EAN 8057949201595 8057949201601 8057949201618 8057949201892
Weight 200g 400g 1kg 180 capsules da 500mg
Ingredients 100% Organic Maca 
Ingredients Organic product under EU Directive 834/2007 
Country of Origin Peru
Serving 5g
Manufacturer/Trademark NaturaleBio
Expiration Date Read the Expiry date on the Packaging. (generally two years from packaging)
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources even after opening.   

Nutrition declaration

Mean nutritional values per 100g %AR 100g*
Energy 1294 kJ / 308 kcal 15%
Fat 0,9g 1%
of which saturates 0,3g 1%
Carbohydrate 50,5g 19%
of which sugars 30,5g 34%
Fibre 25,6g  
Protein 11,6g 23%
Salt 0,23g 4%
Potassium 1550mg 78%
Riboflavin 0,4mg 29%
Calcium 250mg 31%
Iron 14,8mg 106%
*Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal). 




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